Samore out for heart procedure

By Jada Prevost

    After being out since the end of February, Principal David Samore will be returning to Okeeheelee after spring break.
    Many students noticed that Samore has been absent, but quite a few don’t know why.  According to Terri Livingston, who’s been serving as acting principal, he had a blockage in one of the arteries leading to his heart. So, to prevent a future heart attack, he had a procedure called a bypass. And to clear up any rumors, he did not have a heart attack, she said.
    “He just felt a kind of sharpness in his chest,” she said. “His prognosis is really good… He’s a really strong guy.”
      Being principal is a tough job, she said.
      Livingston, whose usual job is seventh-grade assistant principal, has taken on many of Samore’s responsibilities. She said she has been doing things such as handling parent concerns that do not have to do with any specific grade level, running meetings on campus, and making sure staff members are at their posts.
     Livingston said she’ll continue in her role as Samore returns and eases back into work.
     Math teacher Chris Bischoff said it’s strange to have the principal out. “It doesn’t feel good at all because he is the rock of the school, the foundation,” he said.
      Samore has said that he plans to retire in June 2018.

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