House competition gets changes, good reviews

P1070815By Nathaly Bayona and Michelle Garcia

“Pull harder — we need to win this competition!” This was all we heard Nov. 24, the day of the house competitions. Students running to their competitions, excited about the chance of winning first place. Bright colors verywhere, teachers dressed up like Greek goddesses (Athena House), students wearing all red to represent Angry Bird house.

This year we had some changes like wristbands that helped teachers and students know where and what time their activity was going to be held. Okeeheelee also had a sound system that played different songs, inspiring students to show of their moves like Brenda Coba doing the whip/nae nae!

Lastly, another change was basketball. This year it didn’t involve a traditional basketball game, but rather a shot game using bases and turns, perhaps for the sake of making it easier for many who don’t know how to play basketball.

Students seemed to have a good time, showing excitement and saying it was a great way to lead into Thanksgiving break. Students were ready to compete, some looking almost as if they were going into battle.

“I kind of think it was better this year,” said eighth-grader Adam Dokken, who’s in Percy Watson and Eric Lewanda’s house. “I got to participate in more than one sport.

As for the competitions, there were some close finishes and a lot of ties. In the food drive, the Coop landed in first place. Among the boys, the Angry Birds collected about twice as much as the second-place Golden Panthers.

In the athletic contest, ties were massive. For both boys and girls, five houses tied for second place. Coming in first for the boys were the Cancer Killers. They won a pizza party, and so did the girls houses that tied for first: the Athena House and the Purple Pythons. Now we have to wait for the next contest: the spring academic competitions.

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