Minecraft’s gold for imaginative

By Spencer Kilcoyne

Minecraft. The sandbox game of the century. But why? Because of creativity. Almost ANYTHING is possible in Minecraft. Want a house? Build a house! Even if you aren’t satisfied with what the game offers, you can always download a mod!

For all of you who don’t know what Minecraft is all about, here are the basics.

Minecraft is a $26 sandbox game for PC and most consoles. You can play in three modes. Survival: You have limited resources to survive. You have to get wood, make a house and mine. Creative: You have unlimited resources, and you can build whatever your mind can think of. Finally, adventure: Usually used for “adventure” maps, you can’t break ANY block and can still use doors, levers and buttons. Of course, these are not the only features. There is also the wondrous world of multiplayer — where you, your friends, and other people can connect and play with each other for as long as you want. And remember Minecraft is ALWAYS in development so what you see today may be different from what you see tomorrow.

Every day new Tweets, videos and form pages are posted, hinting about in-development features. For example, Jens Bergensten (Jeb the game developer) tweeted, “I’m so excited to finally be working on this, I’m working on ‘C’…” then the Twitter character limit cut him off.

There are many theories on what this means. Most think it means World “Crafting,” which is the process you use to make golems and withers. Also, it could mean crafting, which means that there is either a new item to be crafted, or a special way of crafting something.

On a semi-side note there are two more “hinted” features, which include corn and roads…  corn, of course, would be a new crop and food source, but roads are a different matter. Jeb hints that “you will simply right click on some grass with a shovel and you will end up with a road.” There has even been a snapshot posted of these roads.

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