Trip to Spain promises shows, tours, and bullfight

By Aylin Urbina

Imagine spending time with Principal David Samore and not having to worry about dress code.

Imagine waking up to a buffet breakfast and looking forward to a day of touring Spain and seeing flamenco shows and a bullfight.

Every other year, Samore organizes a trip for the end of the school year. So what’s different this year? The 2017 Spain trip will be Samore’s last before his final year at Okeeheelee.

This will be a trip that Samore runs — not Okeeheelee — and includes people from Okeeheelee and a tour guide who handles daily logistics. Students will not have to be in dress code. The June 12 trip was priced at $3,000 when first advertised. On your own, the trip would cost about $4,000, Samore said.

One year Luany Leiva, a Spanish language arts teacher, went.
          “The experience was really nice,” she said, explaining that Samore knew of good places to eat — and for good prices. “We went to a tortilla-making restaurant, and we learned from the chefs…. Everything was very good.”
This year, 19 people are going, including Samore and four Okeeheelee teachers: Porschia Shelton, along with her daughter and brother; Kelly Azor, with her 10-year-old son and a sister; Elisabetta Mizell; and Radiance Harvey.

It’ll be Azor’s first trip to Europe.
“My son’s learning Spanish in school. I wanted him to be more fluent,” she said. “I traveled as a child. I want my son to have that opportunity.”

          Travelers will see a royal palace, flamenco shows, a bullfight, and a theatre show. They’ll likely visit Madrid, Toledo, Barcelona, Sevilla, Granada, Costa del Sol, and a famous mountain town called Ronda, which has the oldest bullring, Samore said.

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