Yearbook’s theme kept secret

By Sandline MitilP1050527

The theme of this year’s yearbook is top secret. To fully enjoy the yearbook, you may want to buy one. If you buy Okeeheelee’s yearbook, you can go to the “yearbook signing party” in May for free.
The yearbook staff will sell tickets to the party to anyone who did not buy one. Party tickets are usually $5 and will be sold before and after school and during lunches the week of the party.
The yearbook itself costs $35 for the first 100 students or teachers who purchase them. You can buy them through the yearbook sponsor, Samantha Leyendecker-Estupinan, in room 3-102 or online at
‘’Once we have a confirmed date that books will be in, we start planning the party,” Leyendecker-Estupinán said.
At the party, gel pens and light snacks will be for sale and music will be playing for entertainment, she said. The party will be held in the cafeteria, where they plan to clear out most of the tables and chairs so everyone has room to walk around and socialize. “This is the first time you get to see the book,” she said. “If you purchase a book, you get it at the party.”
Last year, the yearbook had three full-time staff members who were part of a class, Leyendecker-Estupinán said. “We were learning as we went. It was all of our first time doing the yearbook, and we had a lot of fun making it and educating ourselves,” she said. “This year, because of schedule conflicts, we do not have a class.”
But the staff has grown to six, meeting regularly before and after school. “We have a lot of returners to our staff, a lot of new, very talented additions,” she said. “Every year we hope to improve our book. Hopefully we won’t let you down this year.”
The staff is producing a book expected to be between 116 and 120 color pages.
“It’s a fun experience to be in it,’’ eighth-grader Gabriela Gomez says of the yearbook staff.
Marytere Baltiazar, a seventh-grade member, said that she likes being involved in events and other sportsman’s life “without having to be on the team.”
       Ahyoung Song contributed to this story.

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