HS Requirements (for 8th Grade)

It is never too early to start planning for your future High School success begins in Middle School!

High School Requirements


OCMS Counseling Mission:

Guidance Wordle

To provide a comprehensive, developmental counseling program addressing the academic, career and personal/social development of all students in grades 6-8. In partnership with other educators, child study team members, the school nurse, school psychologist, parents/guardians, and the community, school counselors will facilitate a proactive support system necessary to ensure that all students at Okeeheelee Middle School have access to, and are prepared with, the knowledge and skills essential to contribute as lifelong, self-directed learners and responsible, productive members of society. _________________________________________________________________

 Our Philosophy – OCMS Counselors believe that:

1.) All students are individuals with unique needs.

2.) All students have dignity and worth. All students are capable of high achievement, experience school success and be surrounded by an environment of high expectations.

3.) All students’ needs should be addressed with individuality, sensitivity and with confidentiality.

4.) All students have the right to participate in a school counseling program that promotes OCMS Three Shared Values.

5.) All students’ ethnic, cultural, racial, and sexual differences shall be considered when implementing a school counseling program.

6.) All students have the right to a safe, respectful school environment.

7.) All students shall have access to a state certified, master’s-degree-level school counselor to deliver the school counseling program. _________________________________________________________________

OCMS Counseling Program will:

1.) Be based upon specific goals and objectives outlined by state (FSCA) and national counseling standards (ASCA).

2.) Advocate for every student.

3.) Work as a team in order to ensure success for all students involved.

4.) Effectively prepare all students for transitions in grades 6-8.

5.) Involve a counseling team approach that partners with other school personnel, families, and the community to meet all students’ individual needs.

6.) Guide each student as he/she faces the challenges of middle school and help him/her learn more effective and efficient ways to manage those challenges as he/she progresses through the middle school.

7.) Utilize the available resources of the community.

8.) School Counselors will collaborate and consult with administrators, staff and parents. _________________________________________________________________

All OCMS Counselors will:

1.) Observe professional school counseling ethics as outlined by the American School Counselor Association.

2.) Participate in professional development activities essential to the maintenance of a quality school counseling _________________________________________________________________

OCMS Counseling Goals:

1.) Promote positive self-esteem and concerns that are related to the natural ‘growing up’ process.

2.) Develop self-identity and make decisions independent of adults. Learn coping skills with the transition from childhood to adolescence.

3.) Learn about peer pressure and practice strategies for combating negative influences.

4.) Accept responsibility for one’s behavior.

5.) Learn effective problem solving and decision making skills.

6.) Complete transition activities for each student by both individual counseling sessions and group meetings. _________________________________________________________________

Delivery System of Aforementioned Goals:

1.) Individual Counseling

2.) Group Counseling–grief, academic, social-skills

3.) Counseling classroom curriculum

4.) Consultation with staff, parents and student planning

5.) Enhancement and system support

6.) Gender meetings, Red Ribbon Week, Community Agencies Classroom Presentations, Character Education, Brown Ribbon Week, Anti-Bullying Program and Leadership Skill-Building

7.) Videos, P.A.’s, brochures, bulletins and newsletter _________________________________________________________________

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